Photo Lites Prosser, WA

Selection by Projection

  1. After your photo session, Leif does an initial selection, removing any “bad” images (eyes closed, wind-blown hair, looking the wrong direction, etc.) and leaves a reasonable number of only the best.
  2. We meet with you and give you an overview of the remaining images by projecting a slideshow.
  3. Images are next viewed individually and YOU categorize them as “yes, no or maybe”.
  4. The “yes” and “maybe” images are then viewed two at a time (side-by-side) and YOU can select the one preferred from each pair.

In a short time YOU HAVE SELECTED those images from which you want prints made.

Wall Portraits

  1. The image selection can be done IN YOUR HOME and the images are projected on the wall where you will be hanging the portrait.
  2. The best image size is determined through projection and measurement.
  3. If you are interested in buying a frame for your portrait, we can then project around your image any of our supplier’s inventory of frames (over 150). This is much better than trying to select a frame from a small corner piece and imagining what the completely framed image might look like.
  4. The final print is mounted and framed (with hooks, wire, hanger and bumpers to protect your wall).
  5. We then DELIVER the portrait and help you HANG it.